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Adorable Hartlepool toddler, Dottie O'Keefe, has cerebral palsy and is in need of a life-changing operation to her spine to allow her the independence to walk unaided. The family are trying to raise £35,000 to help their 4yr old little girl walk, with help from Miles For Men, as the specialist procedure is currently not funded by the NHS.

Dottie was born 15 weeks prematurely and weighed just 1lb 9oz. At just a few weeks old she suffered a severe bleed to her brain which caused her to have cerebral palsy, especially down her right side. 


But Helen, also mum to one-year-old Connie, said 'Dottie has fought through everything that has been thrown at her, including meningitis. She has battled through intense physiotherapy for the last three years but is still not able to stand or walk unaided.'

As soon as we heard Dottie's story we knew we had to help raise the funds needed to improve her mobility and quality of life, organising a charity bungee jump on Hartlepool's historic, picturesque marina. The 'Let's Go Spotty for Dottie Bungee Jump' fundraising event, and all of those who gave so generously and almost 100 individuals who bravely jumped from the 160ft crane, in excess of £11,000 was raised on the day!

We're proud to announced that the full amount for Dottie's operation has now been raised! Thank you so much to every single person who donated, it's going to make a massive difference to their lives.

Evie Eliana's Story

Evie Eliana aged 7 

Miles for Men were approached by Les Watts on behalf of his neighbour who has 4 children 3 boys and one girl Evie who has a disgnose with a moderate to severe learning disability along with a  very rare genetic condition called DYRK1A syndrome , Her siblings who also have Autisum as well as two of the Boys having a rare Gentic condition called 1q21.1 microduplication, 

Evie's condition has a major effect on her ability to mobilise independtly resulting in her requiring further investigation's MRI scan which may result in a potential spinal operation in the future. 

Evie required a specialised Trike in order to help her Ride independently 

The Specialised Trike will not only allow Evie Eliana the freedom to play along with helping to increase her leg muscle. 

Miles for Men contacted Stuart at Altonaids Mobility who carried out 1 -1 assessments with Evie and her Parents in order to create a Trike that was specially designed to meet Evie's Needs. 

Thank you to Stuart Maddison Altonaids Mobilty for helping to Enable Evie the freedom to ride independenlty 

Dot & Bob's Story

dot and bob wedding .jpg
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Bob and Dot Flanagan, who are long-time supporters of Miles for Men, finally got their dream wedding on Saturday, February 15.

The couple renewed their vows at the AVenue Ballroom & Function Room in Hartlepool and Miles For Men worked with local companies to pull out all the stops.

Dot, 68, is currently fighting lung and lymph node cancer for the fourth time, and Bob, 73, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The couple, of Rift House, who have been married for almost 53 years, hoped to renew their vows on their 50th anniversary but sadly, Dot was too poorly.

Micky Day, founder of Miles For Men played a huge part in making sure it finally happened.

Bob was at Micky’s house at 10.30am and had a few beers and a bacon sandwich to calm his nerves. Meanwhile, Dot was getting her hair and makeup done at At Ladies Room and she told Micky “It’s a dream wedding.”

Micky said: “I’ve known Dot for a really long time now and today has been absolutely amazing and all of the companies who donated everything from the food, dress, makeup, cars, rings, flowers and Dot’s friend Pauline Hindhaugh who made the cake. Where do I stop? Everything has been fully donated for the full day and that’s amazing. It’s Hartlepool coming together again.”

Bob reminisced on their first wedding all those years ago on Church Street.

He said: “We didn’t have much money then so Dot didn’t have a white dress.

“The only thing I’m upset about now is the Bentley that brought us here. I said ‘do I get to keep it’ but they said I certainly couldn’t!”

Dot was over the moon to finally have the wedding dress of her dreams.

She said: “It’s been absolutely fabulous. Today has meant everything in the world to us. I’ve always wanted to be married in white. We couldn’t thank Miles For Men enough for all they’ve done.

“We’ll get through it. I’ve got through four other cancers and I’ll get through this one – together.”

After a ceremony with over 80 guests, Bob and Dot headed to the bandstand decorated by Artistic Solutions where they danced to Unchained Melody Sang by  Local singers Khyalsis and shared another kiss. 


Thank you to all the local business's and individuals who helped make Bob and Dots' day truly magical.

AVenue - For providing Dot's dress, The venue, food, décor.
Kinnie & Kinnie- For providing two Bentleys
Flower Lounge- for providing all the bridal flowers
Mark Lloyd Jewellers and Gallery- for providing the rings
Artistic Solutions Ltd for providing the lighting and sound system at the band stand.
Raw35- For providing photography
atladiesroom- For Dot's hair and makeup on the day
@Mackenziescaffolding - for weather proofing the Band stand ready for tomorrow ( storm Denise wont spoil this day!)
@leethubron - Ultimate discos - for providing the entertainment for the day
Review menswear/hirewear - for providing Bob and his best man's suits.
Khalysis- for their part in the process - who will be performing at the band stand.
Hartlepool Borough Council - for allowing us to use the band stand.
@helengreenwell - from seasons ceremonies -who will be officiating the ceremony.
@Pauline hindhaugh - for providing the wedding cake


After hearing local teenager Dylan Westgarth has recently been very poorly after being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, we decided to put a smile on his face and take him to meet some of his real life hero's.

Only aged 16 this has turned a once strong willed and focused teen into shell of his former self.


We discovered Dylan dreams of a career as a police dog handler and is a member of the police cadets. So we contacted a good friend of the charity who is a police dog handler to arrange a few hours at Cleveland police and home of the famous Police Interceptors, along with his mother, brother and sister.

Thank you Cleveland police for your help and support in making a young lad smile.


Childhood sweethearts Thomas & Jacky finally got to marry each over after 25 years together, thanks to the love and support of Miles For Men, the generosity of the people of Hartlepool and beyond in just 3 weeks of focussed fundraising.

Tommy, 49, beat cancer once before in 2015, but has been told the chemotherapy being used to treat the stomach and bowel cancer is no longer working.


Richie Griffiths is a director of Miles for Men, which was inundated with offers of help for the pair, from a woman driving up from Nottingham to donate Champagne, to a pledge of sponsorship cash from a man growing his moustache for Movember. “We were looking to sort them out a few days away, but when we heard they wanted to get married, we thought that’s it, and we thought about it and it went from there,” said Richie. “We put something on Facebook and within 24 hours, we pretty much had everything sorted thanks to the help of Hartlepool, it was absolutely fantastic. We want to thank everyone involved, but also everyone who couldn’t be involved, because we could have held three or four weddings over with what was offered to us. I know Hartlepool struggles with unemployment, but people overwhelm us because they would give their last 50p or last £1 just to know it’s going to help someone else.