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Welcome to Lyla & Lilley’s stars I wanted to tell you a little bit about us and why we started this charity. In 2016 my beautiful daughter Lyla was diagnosed with a Brain tumour and our world fell apart Literally. Since then Lyla’s had 10 major brain surgery’s, meningitis, daily seizures what are damaging her brain, Hydrocephalus meaning she lives with a VP shunt in her brain she will need more high risk surgery and has now been reffed to Bristol hospital. Lylas still fighting everyday with heath issues and although there’s some support out there there’s not enough. Over the years we’ve always raised money for other charity’s, setting up our own charity has been something we’ve wanted to do for a long time now and we just didn’t have the courage to say YES We set this charity up so we can have a direct impact on families going through the tough times like we are and be able to just take a little pressure away by sending them on a little break, a nice day out, a meal out or help with the financial burden of living in a hospital, fuel, car park fees, eating from the shop it all adds up when your there a long time trust me.

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A few of my friends and business owners have been asking how they can help sponsor a family and also make a dream come true for the children who will be joining us at The Rainbow Retreat on November 16th

This is a non profit 7 nights stay at Tenerife Retreat for 6 families.....

We will be welcoming the most incredible children and their parents to Tenerife to experience a holiday they’ve never had before

A complete safe yet magical haven for all involved....

The parents will be able to relax with the help of our all inclusive facilities as well as enjoy massages and lots of treats whilst the children are enjoying their time with lots of wonderful activities...

Pony riding

Bouncy castle

Disney princess visits

Superhero hour

Mini golf



Beach days

Their own private swimming pool with inflatables

Plus their very own on site chef cooking up the most tasty 5 star chicken nuggets they’ve ever had....

If you want to help make this possible please click on the link below.... this will not be possible without your generosity and support

We are about to change so many lives

Lyla’s brain tumour journey

Tenerife Retreat

So... here it is...


November 16th

We will be hosting the Rainbow Retreat with the most incredible individuals....

Our mission is to bring 6 families to Tenerife Retreat to have the most wonderful and life changing experience of their lives

We’ll be making a difference to so many children and their parents

Sharing stories

Sharing experiences

Sharing magical memories

A complete safe haven

We will be working closely with various other charities and also sponsors to help make this dream a reality....

I’m actually in tears writing this - this truly is the start of something phenomenal

Please support our journey on this.... it really will mean so much to so many people

If there is ANYBODY out there that wants to help make this possible please get in touch today

This is JUST the beginning....


@teneriferetreat massive thanks to

Paula and her husband for helping us create this

amazing experience for families like ours. @ Great North Children's Hospital


Rainbow Retreat 

Rainbow Retreat Reveal 

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