Miles For Men + Walk For Women // Registered UK Charity: 1154996 

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Changing lives
You may have seen a post that we shared lately about these guys who visit our shop on regular basis, all of these guys have been fighting an addiction of some kind whether it be alcoholism to drug abuse, mental health conditions ,these guys have worked so hard to turn there lives around
Amazingly with the help of this rehab centre they have been able to do so, the centre offers weeks worth of rehab for people who have addictions.
Here at Miles for men we were so touched by how these men have turned their lives around and how the volunteers at centre have helped them on their journey that we choose to make their stay that little bit more comfortable by donating a free 40inch tv.
Changing Lives UK

Donation from Mccoll’s Northgate

Miles for men Walk for Women would like to say a huge thank to McColls ,Northgate ,Elwick Road , Stockton Road ,for their very kind donation of £966.66 from their make a difference locally campaign.
This amazing donation will be used to help support the local community.
Once again thank you for your support.
Another local business supporting their local community/ charity 

Featured in picture is Gail Adams Mc Colls manager along with charity founder Micky Day

Food Bank Donation

Over the past Couple of weeks  Various different, sporting clubs have been collecting food in order for us to donate to a local Food Bank