Bring a Smile to the Elderly

Each year hundreds of charities across the country put out a plea for Christmas gifts for children’s hospital wards and children’s homes etc. Millions of toys collected and distributed across the UK. Yet many many children in hospital get to go home for Christmas day and come back after. It’s a great idea and so many children get toys that normally wouldn’t.

A dear friend told me that he worked on hospital radio and said he went upstairs to one of the wards where the elderly were and found every bed was full. Some of the elderly not with a visitor or Christmas present. After a bit a research we also found that some elderly people in nursing homes have no family.

So this year Miles for Men and walk for women have decided to launch. Pensioner Presents. We are asking people to donate gifts that pensioners would like. Something they would love either it be slippers or chocolates or shower gels. Maybe a shoebox of little stuff for a male or female.

And of course that bag of worthers originals lol. The Team are ready to take these gifts to many nursing homes across our region to put a smile on somebody’s face this Christmas. I’m sure Hartlepool will join us and make it a success.

Call Sandy: 07934 831 029